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Beauty in Pigmentation

Our Core Values

Leading the Cosmetic Industry-Diversity and Inclusion

Founded in 2012 by Duchess Karen Chatman, RAGE,k Designer Cosmetics is an industry-leader in Diversity and Inclusion.  All people are beautiful as beauty is YOU. RAGE,K Cosmetics encourages all people to be themselves without fear of rejection. Our cosmetics are for everyone as people should not be judged by pronouns but by the beauty within.  RAGE,k Designer Cosmetics offers beauty products for everyone to enjoy.

We believe that each one of our clients is unique, which is why we provide personalized guidance on selecting items that are perfect for their specific needs. Our team of beauty experts have contributed to our speedy growth and global presence. Visit our newly opened San Francisco store or contact us online to schedule a personalized beauty session.

Our Commitment: About Us
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